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Android App Development: Present scenario

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More and more people are using GPS now which has led to the growth of location-based services.

These services provide real-time information about the query the user has searched for.

The popularity of GPS has benefitted industries like travel and tourism, navigation, security systems, payment portals etc.

The rise of AI and Advanced Machine Learning

Augmented reality is not only a part of android app development but also help in augmenting the capabilities of the app. Machine learning and augmented reality play a vital role in the creation of robust apps which are able to function, learn and adapt autonomously rather than completing the already set actions.

Siri, Prisma, Google Now are some prominent apps which utilize AI. The usage of advanced analytics has enabled AI to provide better and powerful insights to business users.


Gadgets and wearable technologies play a very vital role in Android app development. Smartwatches and VR glasses have already become a popular trend now.

Thus, app development companies in India and around the globe are concentrating on developing apps that offer a wearable version and supports such devices.

The scope of Android Development in India

Android is one of the most used and largest selling operating systems in the mobile phone market. India stands second in the field of usage of smartphones.

With the rise in usage of Android-based smartphones, the need for android app development has also risen. This is bringing a boom in the market of android app development companies in India and around.

Google’s Eric Schmidt says that mobile app development is the future of software development.

Hiring an Android Developer:

Hiring an android developer who can fulfill your expectations is very important. You should be sure about what qualities are you looking for in the developer.

In India, Android app development companies are on the rise to provide these services to their clients around the globe.

Your one Stop for Android App Development

Lenstrapath technologies is one of the leading companies which deals in android app development. It is advancing the business world through functionally perfect Android app development that makes it balance sheet so impressive.

Why choose Lenstrapath?

  • It has an intuitive Android app design and deployment.
  • It provides you with technical guidance and assistance.
  • It caters to all business segments such as hospitality, retail, and luxury brands.
  • The services provided by Lenstrapath Technologies are very much pocket-friendly.

At Lenstrapath, we are also here to simplify your business requirements even within a stringent budget. We have a technical team which more like a league of extraordinary and qualified engineers who are thriving to beat the competitors.

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